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Kelly Nembhard, NBC-HWC, CPMC

Kelly Nembhard is a Reiki Master Teacher with 5 years of experience as an energy healer. As a former biologist and clinical researcher, Kelly has been an advocate for using both conventional and alternative therapies, including energy healing, to create a self-care toolbox for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Kelly received her Reiki certification training from Marcia McCollum Hebrank of One Light Center, Bryce Goebel of A Reiki Place, and Colleen Benelli of Reiki Lifestyle. Kelly is also a national board-certified health & wellness coach, and her Reiki and coaching practice, My Wealth in Health, is based in Durham, NC. For more information, visit

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Wellness Room 2.jpg

Now offering Reiki sessions in Raleigh!

Reiki sessions with Kelly Nembhard and My Wealth in Health are now offered at the Unity Holistic Wellness Center in Raleigh on Tuesdays! Appointments times are between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm. Call or text Kelly at 919-937-2512 to learn more and schedule today!

The First Reiki Class of 2023

Ready to take your Reiki training to the next level? Reiki Master training will not only boost your current abilities but also focus on healing the ego and empower your goals for living your authentic self. This training is broken up into 2 weekends for ease in fitting it into your busy schedule. So join us in March for this exciting step in your Reiki healing journey!

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